Speaking in Tongues

Speaking in Tongues

If I have spoken in tongues with unintelligible speech, does this mean I am not saved? What should I do?

It is not a curse to have the light of truth shine on our lives. Rather, as we accept truth, we find greater freedom and victory in the Holy Spirit. As with any false doctrine, there can be innocent people who get entangled because they lack understanding of God’s Word. The enemy is crafty and has ensnared many with this deceptive practice.

Examine your life before the Lord. Are you living without sin or are you still committing the works of the flesh? If there is sin in your life, you need to repent. If you are practicing glossolalia or have a private prayer language, you need to immediately seek God for deliverance. It does not mean it has been imputed as sin unto you if you have been ignorant of this truth; but knowledge of truth brings accountability. Woe unto them who leave light in pursuit of these ungodly practices.

Ask for God’s forgiveness and for complete freedom from the emotion or spirit that has caused you to exercise such behavior. God will forgive and deliver you from any foreign spirit. There is strength in unified prayer and it would be beneficial to have someone else pray with you for a complete deliverance from the false spirit of tongues.

It would be wise to immediately stop worshipping with others who teach and practice this and remove yourself from its influence. Seek for new fellowship with other godly people who are living righteously in truth.

May God grant you wisdom, divine deliverance through the blood of Jesus and power in the Holy Spirit. Amen.