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Issue 23: Spiritual Self-Examination             
Issue 22: The Triune Godhead       
Issue 21: Music in Worship
Issue 20: The Sabbath & The Lord's Day
Issue 19: Biblical Tithing & Giving
Issue 18: The Two Covenants
Issue 17: The Ministry
Issue 16: Outward Appearance-Christian Dress
Issue 15: Deeds of Charity
Issue 14: Divorce & Remarriage 
Issue 13: Self-Righteousness
Issue 12: The Passion of Christ; The Lord's Supper
Issue 11: The Ordinance of Feet Washing; Humility
Issue 10: Water Baptism
Issue 09: Glossolalia—Speaking In Tongues
Issue 08: The Infilling of the Holy Spirit
Issue 07: The Power of Influence, Television, Internet
Issue 06: The Church of God
Issue 05: Eschatology--Second Coming of Christ, End Times 
Issue 04: The Kingdom of God
Issue 03: Relationship of Love
Issue 02: Salvation, Sin
Issue 01: Gospel, Truth, Sincerity