A Citizen in the Kingdom of God

Editorial - Michael Smith

A Citizen in the Kingdom of God

“Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom” (Luke 12:32).

It is with thanksgiving that I worked on this issue of The Gospel Truth. I have walked through some of the lowest valleys of my life the last few months. While I am not completely out of the valley, God has given me the strength and fortitude to work on this publication – which I was incapable of doing a month ago. Through it all, the Lord has been with me even in the midnight hours. There were so many times I said, “Jesus, thank you for being my friend.” God has proven His love and power over and over again.

Someone shared with me that we can suffer with the Lord or suffer without Him. I praise God for the privilege of suffering with the Savior. During the trials and storms of life, there is no greater security than in the shelter of the arms of God. Heartaches and difficulties come in this life, but it is the presence of God that gives strength and courage to face another day. I can say with Job, “My redeemer liveth.” For every thorn and messenger of Satan which have buffeted me, there have been many more blessings and angels of light which have stood by my side with support and love. What a privilege to be part of the family of God. When one suffers, we all bear the pain. Thank you to each one who has and continues to hold my family and me up in your prayers. They have not been in vain.

I am so blessed to be a citizen in the Kingdom of God. I have shared some of the truths of this wonderful kingdom in this edition. Space limits me from expounding upon the extraordinary beauty and truth of the fullness of the kingdom. My prayer is that the Holy Spirit will take what is shared in this publication and multiply it to the spirit of the reader. So many people are looking for Christ to set up an earthly kingdom where there will be peace and abundance. I am experiencing that kingdom here and now. While the outward man perishes, the inward man is renewed day by day. I am a part of a spiritual kingdom that can never be destroyed. The tempest may blow, but the gates of hell cannot prevail against the Kingdom of God. I would not trade the privileges of this citizenship for all the wealth and honor of this world.

Let us stay true and faithful to our Lord and King. In Him, there is peace that passeth all understanding. As I enjoy the blessings of this kingdom, I look with bright anticipation for the Heavenly Kingdom in eternity.

Michael W Smith
April 2013