Should I Fellowship a False Church?

Should I Fellowship a False Church?

The church that I attend does not teach all of the truth found in the Bible. What should I do?

This is a serious and weighty question that deserves a very careful answer as many people find themselves in the given situation. It is important to first recognize that the Church of God is a divine church. Everyone that is saved from their sin through Jesus Christ is part of that true church (Acts 2:47).

Attending services at a congregation of any denomination or by any name does not bring someone into the divine institution of the church. People, anywhere in the world, that repent of their sins gain entrance into the church. They may identify themselves with a ‘group’ but that isn’t what God is recognizing. That person is in the Church of God whether they know it or not, as God recognizes the condition of their heart and life.

An institution or ‘church’ that is not teaching all of the truth can be very detrimental to people’s souls. It is true that people can be saved under that preaching if there is genuine repentance. The problem with continuing in fellowship with that body is that it will be hard to ‘stay’ saved as spiritual deception is one result of remaining under false teaching. Let there be no question, that a ‘church’ that is teaching error and has compromised the truth of the Word of God is fallen in the eyes of the Lord. The scripture refers to these churches as Babylon, or confusion. They are symbolized in the book of Revelation as being ‘harlots.’ They are not allowing the Spirit of God to lead them. Their written creeds supersede the Bible. The ministerial council fills the place of the Holy Spirit, etc. The system is wrong and God’s approval is not on it. The scripture teaches to “Come out of her my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins…” (Revelation 18:4).

The devil has caused more damage to true Christianity by professing Christian churches than he ever accomplished through paganism and direct persecution of the church. Churches that teach part of the truth but not all of it are more dangerous to people seeking truth than religions that teach totally contrary to the Bible. The partial truths leave
areas for the enemy to work in peoples lives. The Lord would have us separate ourselves from the false prophets and from the institutions of man and be in fellowship with people of the true body of Christ—The Church of God.

While the system and foundation of many churches is wrong as they don’t teach the full truth, it is important to recognize that there may be innocent people in these systems. As long as these individuals live holy before God, they will go to Heaven when they die. But, if someone sits under preaching that is not complete truth, it has a long term detrimental affect. They will eventually find themselves at a cross roads — “Do I stay under this false preaching and just accept it, or do I stay clear with the Lord and separate myself from what is wrong?”

How that question is acted upon will make the difference in someone’s eternal destiny. People need to take an humble stand against error and be in fellowship with the oneness of the faith and of the Spirit.

May the Lord grant grace and much wisdom to each one who is in false religion and give the courage to take a stand for what is right and true. Amen.