Happy Birthday, Gospel Truth!

Happy Birthday, Gospel Truth!

“Happy Birthday Gospel Truth! By this means many people have been reached, even those in remote areas who can’t access Internet. The Gospel Truth, with full elaborated verses, has helped us reach 5000 to 7000 people.

“It has made many come down to ask for more truth on the Church of God standards. Let’s join hands to pray that Gospel Truth expands more beyond oceans and beyond borders. Long live Gospel Truth!”

—Peter Akweyona, Kenya


“It is worth thanking God for sustaining the Gospel Truth publication for these 10 years. Since the inception, it has been a cherished one, serving for studies and evangelical works. It could be seen for us here as if our evangelism is not complete without having a copy to distribute. But most of all is the grace given for the continual publication.”

—Chinwendu Nwachukwu, Nigeria


“I thank God for His plan to make the possibility of the publishing of the Gospel Truth. Apart from reading the Bible, we spend time to read and follow the words of God through these readings, and also the Gospel Truth helps to reach everyone in various area without counting whether he or she has a Bible.

“The Gospel Truth helps to change different people’s hearts, even those not our church of God members. Here in Malawi and Mozambique we pray for God to make it possible for the publishing to continue.

God bless.”

—Master Gustor, Malawi


“We are in 10th anniversary very rapidly. We started with 500 Copies then with the help of Saints we progressively increased our copies up to 3500. It’s by God’s wonderful grace only.

“Especially, church ministers are using our Gospel Truth message to preach it in their Sunday church service. While the minister reads the message it will be spread over the church so it can be reached all the believers through the minister. Mostly we distribute GT among ministers in India.

“Not only we distribute among Tamil People in India but also we are sending all over the world wherever Tamil people live. For the progressive improvement, pray to increase the copies to spread Gospel for more and more people in and around the world.”

—S. Vedha, (Tamil Editor) India


“I indeed lack words to express my gratitude to God on the Gospel Truth publication. Since the start of the publication, I view it as consolidating the truths once delivered to the saints in its entirety. For example: in a matter of minutes, one can with good understanding grasp the whole truth it contains.

“To us this way, it is an easy and handy reference on what the Bible teaches. Moreover, apart from distributing it to the church of God congregations when printed, to make sure each individual member of the congregation have their copy, we use it majorly in every evangelical work; giving it out to those we come in contact with, in house to house and street to street, as a means of spreading the Gospel far and wide. That was the material we used for our last weekend’s evangelical work at Tombia, Rivers State.

“We also use it severally in our Sunday Schools, Bible studies, Burial funerals, Marriage ceremonies, etc. Just as I hinted you sometime ago, I’ve started sending the binded volumes of the Gospel Truth magazine to about five   ministers of the church and will continue as the Lord will provide. As you continue to keep the fire burning, never let it go out.”

—Bro. Barth. C. N., Nigeria