Marriage & Money

Marriage and Money

Marriage & Money

Research shows that money is one of the main reasons for marriage problems and one of the leading causes of divorce. Money issues can be challenging in the home but can be minimized by following biblical principles.

When speaking of marriage in Matthew 19:6, Jesus said that a man and his wife were no more two but one flesh. This principle applies to much more than the physical intimacy of marriage. Marriage is about oneness and togetherness and that applies to financial issues as well. While respecting differences in cultural practice, marriages are stronger when matters concerning financial things are joint. A barrier is too often created by individual ownership and management rather than jointly earning, spending, saving, investing, etc. An “allowance mentality” from one spouse can breed resentment in the relationship.

Decisions concerning money matters are best made together. Communication is one of the best ways to reduce the stresses of money in a marriage. Open communication about the financial realities of the home is vital to working positively together. An agreed upon budget and financial plan can assist in reducing the tensions that can daily exist in some homes over spending habits. When financial habits are discussed in marriage, it can feel very personal; so, it is important to discuss things with grace and respect, recognizing the value of a different perspective. A husband and wife should show great regard for the different role and function they fill in the home, and yet work together for their financial benefit and peace of mind.