Misc. on Dress

Misc. on Dress

Misc. on Dress


The saints of God welcome people to their worship services who are not fully measured to the Biblical standard of modesty.


It is required by the scripture for those who are in leadership to be blameless and examples of the flock in every area of life. Ministers, Sunday school teachers, song leaders, and deacons are to dress, not only at worship service but elsewhere, in a way that becomes holiness. Failure to live according to these scriptural teachings disqualifies one from a position of leadership.


There are and will continue to be cultural differences in clothing styles from country to country and from generation to generation. While a specific style of dress is not mandated in the Word of God, a principle is given which supersedes all cultural practices. If a cultural dress standard violates God’s Word, then the Scripture takes precedence. A woman in the United States might wear a skirt and blouse, a woman in Malawi might wear a chitenje, and a sister from Pakistan might wear a shalwar kameez. Those very different modes of dress can all be acceptable to the Lord as long as they are modest, long and flowing, decent, orderly, etc.

There have been and will be times in which an article of clothing represents something at a specific period of history in a given society. Based on the meaning, a child of God might abstain from wearing that particular item if it sent an ungodly message. For example, if today, wearing a blue-colored shirt represented to society support of the homosexual movement, it would not be wise for a saint of God to wear such. It is important that the principle be kept in mind so that in 40 years, when a blue shirt had no special meaning, the church is not still teaching it is unwise to wear a blue shirt.

Should I Wear It?

(Questions to ask about personal appearance)

  • Why do I want to wear it?
  • How does it make me feel?
  • Is my body covered? Is it revealing or tight?
  • Is it modest and decent?
  • What image am I portraying to the world?
  • Is it reflective of humility and simplicity?
  • Is God pleased with it?