Patiently Wait for the Coming of the Lord

Word in Season 42

Patiently Wait for the Coming of the Lord

Be ye also patient; stablish your hearts: for the coming of the Lord draweth nigh.
— James 5:8

Though sin abounds in society and the tears of life flow, as children of God, we have a wonderful and bright hope of a better day. The coming of the Lord is not a fearful thing to those who are saved. We look forward to the day that the Lord Jesus will break through the clouds and usher us to our eternal home in Heaven. There will be no more tears, no heartache, no pain, no sickness, no burdens for lost loved ones; we will be in the presence of the One who loved us and gave His life for our redemption. The song, Bright Anticipation, says: “I am waiting, I am longing for the summons to come, When from sorrow and trouble I’m free; When with Jesus I am reigning in that heavenly home, Where forever its beauties I’ll see.”

What a wonderful day that will be in Heaven; however, we are not there yet. When the burdens are heavy and the night seems to have no end, hold on in faith, for “the coming of the Lord draweth nigh.” Some people settle in the gloom of circumstances and lose their hope of Heaven. Others concede to the philosophies and pressures of the fallen world and lose their zeal and purpose for God. Still others allow their love to wane under the influence and darkness of life.

Brother and sister, wait patiently and rest in the knowledge that deliverance from this vale of sorrow is coming soon. Let us not be swayed by the world, but let us establish and fix our hearts in the love of Christ. Let us keep our eyes on Jesus—patiently waiting, digging deeper in the love of God, laboring for souls, and maintaining a watchfulness and carefulness in daily living. Let us not throw our hands up in despair and discouragement, but let us patiently wait—for the coming of the Lord Jesus is close at hand.