Quotes from the Past

Quotes from the Past

“There is a miraculous change when someone is truly saved through the power of Jesus Christ. A Christian—a disciple of Jesus Christ, can follow in His example and live without committing sin (I Peter 2:21-22). Many in the religious world have watered down this simple, doctrinal truth to excuse unrighteousness.”
Issue 2, Sin and Salvation.

“The infilling of the Holy Spirit is a work of faith and does not always come by great demonstration or emotion.” “The true evidence of the Holy Spirit is the ability and power to live a holy life.” Issue 8, The Infilling of the Holy Spirit.

“Praise to God through exclamation, testimony, and song opens the gates to the very presence of God, for God inhabits praise.” Issue 30, Praise.

“The curse of death was twofold in nature—spiritual and physical.” “The sentence of spiritual death was commuted through the forgiveness and pardon of Jesus Christ.” Issue 29, First and Second Death and Resurrection.

“As stewards of God, our finances should be regulated and administered with the same care and faithfulness as in spiritual things.” Issue 27, Finances.

“There is a clear division between the requirements of God’s children who live under grace and the God-ordained responsibility of the secular government that operates carnally.” Issue 26, Biblical Nonresistance.

“Without self-examination in the fear of God, one is prone to delusion. It is not enough to hear the Word; we must be doers of the Word or we will be deceived.”
Issue 23, Spiritual-Self-Examination.

“The true Christian Sabbath in the New Testament dispensation is one of peace, rest, spiritual worship, and holy living every day of the week. Every day is sacred and reserved for devotion and remembrance of the deliverance from sin through Jesus Christ.” Issue 20, The Sabbath.

“We cannot expect God to reveal His purpose in one area according to our whims if we are not being obedient to that which we know is His will in other areas.”
Issue 40, How to Know the Will of God.