Shut Your Heart’s Door to Doubting

Shut Your Heart’s Door to Doubting

Doubting God and His Word is a habit imposed by the devil, and the longer it is indulged in, the stronger becomes its binding power. Doubting causes a path, or furrow, on the brain like a path across an orchard or a field where many feet have trod; and nothing but a stern resistance and the power of God can ever erase these furrows and break the habit of doubting. I repeat that doubting is a habit, imposed by the devil….
Possibly the worst phase of doubting is doubting what God has done for the soul. Those who are habitual doubters often do much praying but do very little believing. If Satan can succeed in getting you to doubt your experience and cast away your confidence, he has gained an inroad to the soul, which, if not quickly closed, is liable to cause prolonged trouble. I have known persons to doubt their experience, go and ask God’s forgiveness, and doubt Him again before rising from prayer. Doubting spirits and accusing spirits are very closely allied and often work together.

To some people doubting becomes almost a second nature, and doubting becomes much easier than believing. If such people would treat the doubting spirit as some people treat peddlers, they would not be troubled so much. Some people shut the door in the peddler’s face notwithstanding his pleas to show his goods. If people would always shut their hearts’ doors to all doubts regardless of their earnest pleas for entrance, they would soon cease to come so often.

Doubts are like visitors—if they are entertained, they will stay; but if no attention is paid to them and instead of entertainment they receive a rebuke, they will not stay long and will not return so often. The unrest and the tortures of the habit of doubting are too well known to the doubter to need comment.

“Rays of Hope” by D. O. Teasley

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