The Spirit of Feet Washing; Humility

Serving the Lord with all humility of mind…. —Acts 20:19a

I thank God for the opportunity to have known saints, pillars in the church, who set an example before me of true humility and service to the Lord. We live in a self-focused, proud generation where people’s goals and dreams are fueled by carnal ambitions. This is also prevalent in the religious world, where many ministers are proud and self-serving. It is an ugly thing to see professed ministers of the gospel striving for position and exaltation of man, jealous of the spiritual success of others.

On the other hand, there is nothing more beautiful than to see people serving the Lord with ALL humility of mind. What a blessing it is that in the Church of God there are people who follow the example of our Lord in humility. Where there is strife and contention, you will usually find a carnal, proud spirit at work. Humility is essential and is evidence for which to look when seeking for true ministers of the gospel.Read more

Bible Study – The Ordinance of Feet Washing

Scripture Reading:

If I then your Lord and Master, have washed your feet; ye also ought to wash one another’s feet. –John 13:14


Jesus Christ instituted the ordinance of feet washing. All believers are commanded to follow this example. Saints of God are called to be servants. Feet washing is a physical reminder of the equality and humility that should exist in the body of Christ. (Read John 13:1-17).Read more

The Ordinance of Feet Washing

The Bible Account

(John 13:1-17) Rising from the table, Jesus looked around at the gathered disciples. They had just finished supper, commemorating the Passover. Jesus knew that He had just a few hours before He would offer Himself as a sacrifice on the cross for the salvation of mankind. This last supper together was a precious time in which Christ established an ordinance to reinforce one of the most important precepts of godly living.Read more

The Observance of Feet Washing

How often should the ordinance of feet washing be observed?

Jesus taught the disciples in John 13 that they should follow His example and do as He had done to them. Jesus gave no guidelines as to how often the ordinance should be observed. An ordinance, by its very nature, is symbolic of something spiritual. If it were observed daily, weekly, or possibly even monthly, it might begin to lose its significance and become a ritualistic practice.

Many of the saints have a special ordinance service during an annual meeting. Some congregations have a practice of washing the saints’ feet around the time of year that Jesus celebrated the Passover.Read more

Feet Washing Through History

Evidence suggests there have been Christians who practiced the ordinance of feet washing throughout history. Augustine (A.D. 400) endorsed the literal ritual. The custom gained popularity in southern Europe  between the fourth and seventh centuries. The Anabaptists of the sixteenth century were committed to this doctrine.

Feet washing was even practiced among many Baptist churches in the United States up to the close of the nineteenth century. As a boy, Abraham Lincoln prepared the water and basins for this ordinance in a Baptist church in southern Indiana.

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