Tend the Flame

Tend the Flame

The fire shall ever be burning upon the altar; it shall never go out. —Leviticus 6:13

The flame on the altar upon which the sacrifices were made was to never go out. The flame did not burn untended, but it had to be cared for and fed. The wood had to be replenished continually so that the flame would not be extinguished.

Marriage is the same way. God does not want the flame of love to flicker out. For the sacred union of marriage to be preserved, it must be tended. Many marriages have grown cold because couples have not taken the time to feed the relationship with love and sacrifice.

It is easy for people to become consumed with work and with the cares of life. As ministers, it is also easy to become overcharged with the work of God. It is vital that ministers tend the flame of their marriage. The enemy has traps laid and many a minister has lost his way because of failure to tend the flame.

A strong marriage where the flame is being tended will increase a minister’s effectiveness in the gospel work. A minister cannot afford NOT to take time to cultivate the home flame. It will prove a blessing not only to the spouse and family but to the work of God.

Set aside time to spend an evening together. Go on a walk, go out to dinner, play a game… Lay aside the business talk, the church talk, and focus on just being together.

Tend the flame!