The Beauty of Diversity

The Beauty of Diversity

When God beheld all He had created, “…it was very good” (Genesis 1:31). The trees, herbs, flowers, birds, sea creatures, and the animals were varied and colorful. Nature itself speaks of a God who loves diversity. Mankind is no different. He created all of us unique, for there are no two people completely alike.

Humans have different personalities, dispositions, strengths, and looks. In addition to individual differences, there are distinct and varied ethnicities and cultures among groups dispersed throughout the world. Diversity is not to be feared by God’s children but rather embraced. While all people are equal in the sight of God, life is much more interesting with diversity. Christians should appreciate God’s beautiful creation of diverse humanity.

There is nothing wrong with ethnic groups valuing and appreciating their own heritage provided they do not devalue the heritage and ethnicities of others. The world wrongly promotes multiculturalism with a worldview that is human-centered rather than God-centered. Christians can love and enjoy the variety of ethnicities and cultures without falling into the quagmire of moral relativism that is so often tied with worldly multiculturalism.

Cultures of societies should be appreciated with the understanding that all beliefs and values are not on the same moral plane. The gospel was not preached to destroy cultures; but when cultural practices are in contradiction to the Word of God people should rise above them and give preeminence to God’s truth.  There is beauty in the diversity of humankind when coupled with the righteousness of God. ■