They Walked No More With Him

Walked No More with Him

They Walked No More With Him

From that time many of his disciples went back, and walked no more with him. —John 6:66

Jesus, the anointed Son of God, experienced much rejection during His ministry on earth. Not only did some not receive Him, there were disciples who had one time followed Him and listened to His teaching that turned away and walked no more with Him. They no longer associated with Him nor acknowledged Him as the Messiah.

Many were offended at the doctrines of the gospel. With carnal minds, they were not ready to examine their lives in the purity of truth. They were not willing to deny themselves and follow wholeheartedly after the Lord. This must have been very hurtful to Jesus. He left the splendor of Heaven and came to earth, giving of Himself because of His great love.

As it was in the time of Christ, so it is for the true ministers of the gospel today. There will be people who reject your ministry, sacrifice, and love. They will be offended at truth and some will walk no more in fellowship. Often, people will blame the minister or congregation rather than acknowledging the rejection of God’s dealings in their lives. This causes deep pain and anguish of spirit to the shepherd of the Lord. Be faithful and do not compromise soul-searching truth to draw a bigger crowd. Preach the whole truth in humility, love, and righteous judgment.

Bro. Ostis Wilson used to say: “If you please God, you will please everybody that deserves to be pleased.”