Tune Your Harps

Tune your harps

Tune Your Harps

“Tune your harps ye ransomed throng, and extol the Christ.
Sing the name that opened mercy’s door;
Oh, ‘tis music, sweetest music to sinners lost,
Sweetest to the saints forevermore.”
—Warner, Daniel. The Music of His Name.

Before a symphony begins to play, musicians tune their instruments to the concert pitch so they can blend in one accord. The sound would be discordant when the symphony began to play if each member had tuned his instrument to a different standard. When they measure to the leader, the harmonious sound is beautiful.
When people gather to worship the Lord, it is vital that each person has prepared his heart and is in tune with the Holy Spirit; thus the author said, “tune your harps.” Worship service is a time to leave the pressures and cares of life to collectively glorify and learn of Christ. If the congregation is out of tune with the Spirit, there will likewise be a discordant sound.

The harmony of the Spirit comes from hearts that have adjusted their lives to the standard of the Master. It is also imperative for the benefit of the worship service that the ministry and spiritual leaders empty themselves of the burdens of life and tune their hearts and minds to the Holy Spirit. When this is accomplished, the anointing is richer and the congregation is more fully blessed by the free flow of the Holy Spirit. “Tune your harps” that the joy of the Lord may abound in praise and worship to the Lord.