What God Hath Joined Together…

Editorial - Michael Smith

What God Hath Joined Together…

For the LORD, the God of Israel, saith that he hateth putting away

—Malachi 2:16

It grieved God when, after He nurtured and cared for His people Israel, they still turned their back on Him and committed spiritual adultery by following after other gods. God created mankind for there to be oneness and unity, but in his sinfulness, man has brought brokenness and pain. God hates “putting away” and divorce, for He understands the consequences of such action.

The burden this quarter is on the subject of divorce and remarriage. Unless otherwise qualified, “Divorce and Remarriage” is referred to in this paper as a singular phrase. As on many subjects, I am limited in this publication and unable to adequately address some of the finer points in the scripture and every situation concerning the subject. My prayer is that the Lord will bless the reading of this paper and give proper understanding to a doctrine that is vital in our world today.

Divorce and remarriage is rampant not only amongst ungodly people but also amongst professing Christians. Jesus teaches clearly that divorce and remarriage is outside of God’s will. People have twisted the scriptures to try and find loop holes to allow marriage while there is a living companion. I heard of one minister of another Church of God fellowship who testified after divorcing his wife: “The Lord told me I did not have to live single.” The Holy Spirit will never lead us contrary to the Word of God.

Divorce and remarriage is a destructive force in families. Children are paying the price for their parents’ selfishness and sin. God intended for children to have both Dad and Mom living together. People seem to want the easy way out in our world. If something is worth having, it takes energy and effort. Nothing can substitute for a godly, fulfilling marriage, but it takes sacrifice. Remarriage is not the answer for a troubled marriage. It is time to get down to business with God and seek for greater grace, love, and forgiveness.

All of our lives have been touched by divorce and remarriage. It is imperative we do not allow its prevalence to stop us from declaring the whole counsel of God. As previously mentioned, it is silence that brings compromise.

I urge every parent, Sunday school teacher, and minister to teach the children and young people these important truths. Marriage is for life and cannot be thrown out as easily as the devil tries to make it seem. God has a wonderful plan for marriage. Do it God’s way!

Michael W. Smith

October 2015