What Is Truth?

What is truth?

What Is Truth?

“WHAT IS TRUTH?” Pilate inquired of Jesus at his trial. That question still resonates today as people seek the world over for the answers to life and its problems. Many ministers, churches, and people of all theologies and philosophies have professed to ‘have the truth.’ How is it possible to have so many conflicting ideas and opinions that are all supposed to be correct?

 There is One Truth

The reality is that there exists one ultimate truth, and that is found in Jesus Christ alone. Jesus is the truth. The Word of God became flesh and dwelt amongst us to enlighten, to reveal sin, to demonstrate and teach the reality of holiness and deliverance from sin, and to make possible the reality of soul peace in a relationship with God the Father.

Truth Is Unchanging

God sent the Holy Spirit to lead people personally and individually in the way of truth. Truth supersedes opinion, background, church history, tradition, race, and creed. The truth of God’s Word does not change from generation to generation but it is still accurate and gives the answer to eternal life in this present, evil world. Philosophies and church movements come and go, but truth is everlasting and unchanging. Truth is not dependent upon our perceptions and personal situations. God’s Word is applicable and relevant to every person of every nationality. The Spirit of God will never lead contrary to the truth of the Word.

Truth Liberates

Truth enlightens and sets free. Creeds and religions of man bring bondage and confusion. Just because there are conflicting doctrines and a multiplicity of churches does not take away the reality that there still is a truth. That truth is found in Christ, documented by the Bible, and confirmed by the Holy Spirit. God’s truth cannot be added to or taken away from through a ministerial vote or though a decree of a bishop or religious leader. The Word of God stands alone as truth. The scripture is a closed canon. God’s true people honor and respect God’s word as truth and it trumps any and all creeds of man.

 The Word Became Flesh

Many in our world profess Christ, but deny the truth of His Word in application. Some people try to distinguish a difference between the doctrines of the Bible and Jesus. The truth is that they are one and the same. When someone rejects a part of the New Testament teaching, they are rejecting Christ Himself.

Reject False Prophets

In the early morning church there were false teachers and so there are today— ministers who profess Christ, yet teach not the purity of truth. They teach a professed truth that promotes sinfulness and caters to the flesh in order to draw the multitudes. Often the greatest deception is found amongst churches and ministers that teach most of the truth. It is easier to recognize total error than error mixed with truth. Let us neither add to nor take away from that which is written in the Word.

Separate from Sectism

In these last days, many are departing from the truth of God’s Word and yet retain a testimony of piety. The scripture teaches God’s true people to separate themselves from such organizations of man and to withdraw fellowship from such ministers. Heaven beckons the faithful and holy, but hell awaits those who deny the entirety of truth.

 Holy Spirit Witnesses of the Word

It is imperative that every child of God be filled with the Holy Spirit and study the Word of God. The Spirit will be faithful to every individual who is honest and sincere in their pursuit of truth. People are at various levels in their understanding of truth. Accountability is then different for different people. The problem comes when an individual overrides the check of the Spirit and the written Word. Deception then sets in and people become convinced of their perspective of truth. Sincerity alone does not make one acceptable to God, but sincerity and honesty, coupled with truth, enable mankind to live acceptable to God. Be faithful to the Word and know the Spirit will never lead independent of God’s Word.

Are You Walking in Truth?

God’s church is the individual and collective fellowship of people who are allowing the truth to have right of way in every area of life. Zion, the Church of God, should be a city of truth. It isn’t the name over the door of the chapel but the reality of this living truth. May the light of truth shine bright through your life.

– mws