Biblical Tithing and Giving

History of Tithing

Tithing is an Old Testament doctrine which was replaced in the New Testament in favor of freewill, voluntary offerings to the Lord. It is instructive to know and understand the history and scriptural teaching on the subject.

Before the law of Moses was given, there are two recorded instances of people paying a tithe. In Genesis 14:17-20, Abraham gave a tithe to Melchizedek, king and priest of Salem. The tithe was not from income or the increase of crops but was from the spoils of a victorious battle. In Genesis 28:20-22, Jacob made a vow to God in which he promised to give God a tenth if the Lord would provide for him. In neither of these instances did God command the tithe, but they were acts of voluntary giving and commitment.Read more

Facts About the Bible

The word Bible comes from the Greek word Biblia, meaning; books.

The Bible is a collection of 66 books containing 1189 chapters.

The Old Testament contains 39 books.

The New Testament consists of 27 books.

The Apostle Paul wrote 14 books of the New Testament.

The Old Testament was written in Hebrew.

The New Testament was written in Greek.

The word ‘testament‘ means ‘contract’ or ‘covenant’.